Elements is an interactive installation where visitors embody one of four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire or Water. Through these dynamic forms, they can define, transform and sculpt the environment, using the elements to bring life and light together in a playful, ever changing space.

Elements is made with openFrameworks, an open-source creative coding toolkit. It uses three Kinect depth cameras to composite the visitors silhouettes into the projected environment and the software does custom skeleton tracking to allow visitors to release element particles from their bodies. The creatures created by the mixing of elements are unique, dynamically generated forms and the appendages which grow off of them control how they move through the space.

Elements was co-commissioned by TIFF and Cinekid Festival Amsterdam, Elements premiered to audiences in Amsterdam at Cinekid MediaLab in October 2015.

We created a screensaver for OS X using the Element characters. Download it in the links section of this page.
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