Puppet Parade is an interactive installation that allows children to use their arms to puppeteer larger than life creatures projected on the wall in front of them. Children can also step in to the environment and interact with the puppets directly, petting them or creating food for them to eat. This dual interactive setup allows children to perform alongside the puppets, blurring the line between the 'audience' and the puppeteers and creating an endlessly playful dialogue between the children in the space and the children puppeteering the creatures.

Puppet Parade premiered at the 2011 Cinekid festival in Amsterdam. The project is based on Design I/O's Kinect Puppet Prototype video and uses two Xbox Kinects to track the arms of the puppeteers. Puppet Parade is made with openFrameworks and ofxKinect. Sound Design by MOST Original Soundtracks. Thanks to everyone at Cinekid and Beamsystems for making it possible!
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