Skataviz is an experimental prototype developed by Design I/O which uses an iPhone or iPod touch attached to a skateboard to record its motion and visualize its movement as 3D data augmented over live video. Using the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors of the iPod, the software is able to recreate the motion of the run, detecting moments of high rotation and acceleration as 'tricks' and visualizing the angles and axis of the boards movement. The project uses openFrameworks for both the iOS sensor recorder and the desktop visualization.

Huge thanks to:
Thomas Kramer - Tom's Skateshop - Amsterdam
Frankie Nash - Orchard Skateshop - Boston
Benny from Ben-G Skateshop - Amsterdam
Wout Westen - Circus Family
Eric Klotz - Visualized Conference
Extra massive thanks to Aram Bartholl - whose Skate and Share project inspired this project.
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